Bathroom Heating Panel

With the infrared glass towel dryer RED AGE model series GHT, including room heating function, you not only get pleasant warmth in your bathroom, but also a preheated bath towel. Our infrared towel dryers provide warmth and wellness through the infrared deep heat effect. They are also excellent heat sources for a warm bath, and warm towels after showering and bathing, or in the kitchen if a small heater is missing for the dish towels. Thanks to its IP44 degree of protection, the RED AGE Glass towel dryer is suitable for wet rooms and therefore ideal for use in your bathroom. It can be wall-mounted in any bathroom.
The RED AGE towel rails are made of polished stainless steel, which gives the heater a timeless and noble look. All infrared towel dryers are equipped with a power plug and therefore universally applicable. Once the unit has arrived at your home, you only need to attach the towel dryer to the wall using the brackets supplied, connect it to the power supply and the infrared towel dryer starts to heat up.

The infrared glass heater model GHT is only 8 mm flat, just like modern LCD televisions, and can be quickly mounted on the wall with a few simple steps. Even when mounted, the infrared heater hangs only about 4 cm from the wall. The surface temperature is about 80 – 85°C. Touching the surface is easily possible. Burning is impossible because the thermal conductivity of glass ceramic is much lower. So the device is absolutely harmless even for small children and animals.
The infrared heater has a very noble design and through the qualitative processing of high quality materials it has the highest quality, which is particularly noticeable in the technology. The service life of a glass heater is almost unlimited and the heating elements are almost wear-free. A particularly high energy efficiency of 98% saves you valuable energy costs and makes the infrared heater particularly resistant and durable.
The glass front is available in white, black, mirror or with an image motif. It is frameless and with a high-quality round cut (C-cut). The images on the devices have a particularly high resolution and are printed by special UV printing processes on the infrared heaters.
The so-called “crumble effect” prevents the risk of injury if the glass breaks. The installation and assembly and installation of the infrared heaters is very easy. Simply attach the infrared panel to the wall, insert the power plug and it will start to heat up.

Product features:
– front surface made of high-quality 6 mm toughened glass
– the towel holders are made of hand-polished stainless steel
– round cut at the edges
– special heating element with radiation on both sides
– frameless design
– high efficiency: 85-90% infrared radiation, 10-15% convection heat
– long service life: over 120,000 hours, because there are no moving parts
– electrical connection: The HGlass heating panel is equipped with a power plug
– also available with programmable thermostat

The potential savings when purchasing an infrared heater compared to oil, gas or wood heating is enormous, the current energy consumption is many times lower. No formation of fine dust or CO2, no energy losses, no risk of mold, better insulating values, no annoying noise or odor nuisance.
In rooms where there is high humidity, for example a bathroom, just double the output power. This way you experience a bathing pleasure like at the sea do not freeze despite wet skin. This is also an advantage of infrared heating.

If you need more information or have any questions about the technical details of our bathroom heating panels, please contact us. We’re always ready to help.

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Model Dimensions (mm) Heated room size (m² / m3) Power (Watt +/-5%) Weight (kg)
GHT 6012 600 x 1200 x 8 7-11 / till 28 800 17.0
GHT 5010 500 x 1000 x 8 6-10 / till 25 500 10.5
GHT 5070 500 x 700 x 8 4-7 / till 20 400 9
High efficiency 85-90% infrared radiation, 10-15% convection
Voltage 230 V / ~ 50-60 Hz
Surface temperature at the front 85 ° +/- 5 ° C Max
Surface temperature behind 85 ° +/- 5 ° C Max
Radiation range < 3.50 meters
Beam angle 90-100°
Heating effect just in a few minutes
Distance from the wall 40 mm
Front 6 mm ESG glass
Protection IP 44
Wall mounting hardware YES
Certificates CE, according to EU safety standards
Guarantee 5 years

Warranty terms

- Infrared heat radiation
- Natural convection
Also available with built-in programmable thermostat. This allows you to regulate and schedule the heat individually.
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