Ceiling Heating Panel

Feel like a pleasant sunbath – the infrared heater simulates solar heat and heats the area you are in quickly and efficiently. The compact ceiling heater with 62 x 62 cm is exactly suitable for mounting in grid and coffered ceilings.
Infrared heating is very effective because only the irradiated objects are heated. A further advantage, especially for allergy sufferers, is that no dust is transported in the circulating room air.

The infrared heaters are very economical, environmentally friendly, and safe and therefore it is the perfect alternative to conventional heating systems. All this is made possible by the infrared future technology, whose efficiency is up to 99%. Infrared heaters consume up to 25% less energy than comparable heating systems and this has a very positive effect on energy consumption. To run an infrared heater only a normal power line is needed. This makes electrically powered infrared heaters much safer than gas powered systems. Its small size and low weight make infrared panels the first choice when modern efficient heaters are needed.
Infrared heaters are emission-free and environmentally friendly. And if only electricity in the form of renewable sources is used, you have a heating system that emits absolutely no CO2 during operation and thus works 100% climate-neutral.

The infrared ceiling heating panel heats the aligned area in just a few minutes and is neither smelly nor loud. All in all, our infrared heaters are characterized through the high efficiency in conjunction with a relatively low power consumption.


The ceiling heaters are best suited for:

If you need more information or have any questions about the technical details of our transparent glass heating panels, please contact us. We’re always ready to help.

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Model Dimensions (mm) Heated room size (m² / m3) Power (Watt +/-5%) Weight (kg)
A 500 620 x 620 x 20 5-8 / till 20 500 6.2
A 1000 1240 x 620 x 20 9-15 / till 38 1000 12.0
Voltage 230 V / ~ 50-60 Hz
Surface temperature 120-130°C, +/-5°C
Beam angle 90-100°
Guarantee 5 years warranty

Warranty terms

Infrared heat radiation
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