Hybrid Steel Heating Panel

Infrared hybrid steel heating panels RED AGE are used as heating devices in electrical infrared heating systems. They reduce the consumption of power by 15-30% due to a rapid access to the regime and a large heat dissipation area.
Due to a special design they have a combined principle of action: infrared radiation is 60%, convection is 40%.
Our infrared hybrid steel heating panels RED AGE do not require expensive maintenance. Using the automation system, each user, based on their own ideas about comfort and economy, can manage their heat independently.
The panels are made of environmentally friendly materials.
Licensed as basic heating without guest supervision and documents.
Heat wave panels are used as a primary and additional type of heating.
The dimensions of the panels are adapted for the option of mounting both under either windows or other convenient places.
The panels do not dry out the air, they do not emit combustable substances or water vapor, they do not create drafts or dust circulation in the room.

Further advantages are:
– unique fastening allows quick and accurate installation of the device
– 1 mm stainless steel with powder coating
– 40 mm thick
– the reflective surface layer of the back allows the natural heat convection to increase
– each heater is equipped with an automatic overheating protection
– cutting-safe and rounded corners of 2 mm

We recommend using the infrared heaters with a thermostat to achieve maximum energy efficiency.
Our infrared heaters are delivered completely ready for connection with an approx. 1.8 m long connection cable including plug and wall brackets.
We will gladly help you to calculate the right infrared heating size and heating capacity for your room.

If you need more information or have any questions about the technical details of our hybrid heating panels, please contact us. We’re always ready to help.

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Model Dimensions (mm) Heated room size (m² / m3) Power (Watt +/-5%) Weight (kg)
TWP 1000 1130 x 520 x 40 10-16 / till 45 1000 7,4
TWP 700 950 x 520 x 40 7-12 / till 35 700 6,1
TWP 450 700 x 520 x 40 6-10 / till 25 500 4,7
TWP 300 400 x 520 x 40 3-5 / till 15 300 3,1
High efficiency 60% infrared radiation, 40% convection heat
Voltage 230 V / ~ 50-60 Hz
Surface temperature at the front 85° +/-5°C Max
Surface temperature behind 75° +/-5°C Max
Radiation range < 3,50 meters
Beam angle 90-100°
Heating effect just in a few minutes
Distance from the wall 40 mm
Protection IP X0
Wall mounting hardware YES
Certificates CE, according to EU safety standards
Guarantee 2 years

Warranty terms

- Infrared heat radiation
- Natural convection
Also available with built-in programmable thermostat. This allows you to regulate and schedule the heat individually.

To control our infrared heating systems, we recommend the following thermostats

Tempo™ Digital Thermostat

The Tempo™ Digital Thermostat can be adjusted quickly and in just a few steps thanks to its intuitive operation via rotary knob and slider.

3iE Design Thermostat

For the 3iE design thermostat, a very special touch screen surface has been developed - enclosed in a noble chrome edge, it blends seamlessly into the modern living environment.

4iE Smart Thermostat

Controlled by a smartphone, tablet or computer, the 4iE Smart Thermostat will uniquely respond your habits.

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