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The series «P» infrared heaters are ideal for heating business premises, offices, public buildings, production facilities, halls, farms, stables and other industrial and agricultural areas as well as for gymnasiums and workshops. In principle, infrared heaters can be used wherever there is a high ceiling.

The large series “P” infrared heaters are not as light and compact as the series “B” radiant heaters, but have an unbeatable heating capacity. The series “P” of infrared heaters, with outputs of 2000, 3000 and 4000 watts, can heat areas up to 44 m², making them ideal for large-scale use in production halls, warehouses and industrial facilities.

The infrared heaters have many advantages: they are very economical, efficient, environmentally friendly, safe and thus are the perfect alternative to conventional heating systems. All this is made possible by the infrared future technology, with up to 95% efficiency. Infrared radiant heaters consume up to 25% less energy than comparable heating systems and this has a very positive effect on energy consumption. For the operation of an infrared radiator, only a normal power line is needed. This makes electrically powered infrared heaters much safer than gas powered systems.
Infrared heaters are the first choice when modern efficient heaters are needed. It has never been so easy to conveniently and effectively heat large areas!
Infrared heaters are emission-free and environmentally friendly. And if only electricity in the form of renewable sources is used, you have an infrared radiator that emits absolutely no CO2 during operation and thus works 100% carbon-neutral.
All our infrared radiators are TÜV (english: “Technical Inspection Association”) tested and meet all safety requirements. The high-quality metal housing is weatherproof and the entire radiant heater is also protected against splash water.
The infrared radiant heaters can be easily mounted on the ceiling by a supplied bracket within a few minutes. They can also be mounted on the wall with an inclination, for this you need the angle bracket from our accessories.
If you need more information or have further questions about the technical details of the infrared heaters, please contact us. We’re here to help!


The industrial infrared radiators are best suited for:

If you need more information or have any questions about the technical details of our industrial infrared heaters, please contact us. We’re always ready to help.

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Model Dimensions (mm) Heated room size (m² / m3) Installation height (m) Power (Watt +/-5%) Weight (kg)
P 2000 1200 x 270 x 72 19-23 / till 70 3.0-5.0 2000 12.0
P 3000 1200 x 436 x 72 28-35 / till 100 3.5-8.0 3000 16.0
P 4000 1540 x 436 x 72 11-15 / till 140 4.0-12.0 4000 19.0
Voltage for P 2000 230 V / ~ 50–60 Hz
Voltage for P 3000, P 4000 400 V / ~ 50–60 Hz
Surface temperature 300-350°C Max
Beam angle 90-110°
Heating effect just in a few minutes
Degree of protection IP 44
Ceiling mounting hardware YES
Certificates CE according to EU safety standards
Guarantee 5 years warranty

Warranty terms

Infrared heat radiation
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