Transparent Glass Heating Panel

The Transparent glass heating panel P750G-Visio is the optimal solution for those who value modern high-performance technology, low power consumption and stylish design. The glass infrared panel is made of very strong safety glass with a thickness of 8 mm. This is the only completely transparent infrared heating panel. Chromed end caps and cover strips give the unit a special elegance, so this infrared heater fits in any room: a private home or apartment, office, shop, studio, restaurant, hotel etc.

The Transparent glass heating panel P750G-VISIO has not only decorative properties but also excellent technical properties. A special transparent coating is applied to the glass through which electricity flows, creating an energy that heats the glass panel as long as the glass itself radiates infrared heat. And as the glass cools down 2 to 3 times slower than the metal, comfortably efficient heating of the room and extremely low power consumption is achieved.

The panel can be used not only as a complete heating system, or “full heating”, but also as additional heating, partial or transitional heating.

By using infrared heat you can save up to 65% on electricity costs compared to conventional heating systems, while the units have a very good energy efficiency.

We recommend using the transparent glass heating panel to achieve maximum energy efficiency.

Our infrared heaters are delivered completely ready for connection with an approx. 1.5 m long connection cable including plug and wall brackets.

Product features

  • unique patented technology
  • front surface made of high quality transparent glass
  • AESI stainless steel
  • special heating element with radiation on both sides
  • frameless design
  • wall mounting
  • high efficiency: 85-90% infrared radiation, 10-15% convection heat
  • long service life, since no moving parts
  • electrical connection: the glass heating panel is equipped with a power plug
  • wall distance 40 mm

Mounting instruction: The panels are intended exclusively for wall mounting only. Ceiling mounting is not possible!

The distance of the lower edge of the heater from the floor must be 50 to 150 mm, 100 mm is recommended. The side clearance, e.g. from furniture, must be at least 100 mm. In bathrooms, the heating plate must be installed in accordance with the VDE 100 / T701 standard. Due to the low weight, the assembly is easy to carry out. The plate must not be mounted directly under the junction box.

Now it is time to set creative accents and you will get a highly efficient and healthy heating system. Infrared heating is arguably the most ingenious and attractive solution for a warm environment, due to rising oil and gas prices and the variety of applications.

If you need more information or have any questions about the technical details of our transparent glass heating panels, please contact us. We’re always ready to help.

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Model Dimensions (mm) Heated room size (m² / m3) Power (Watt +/-5%) Weight (kg)
P 750 G-Visio 900 x 600 x 8 12-16 / till 41 700 12.0
High efficiency 85-90 % infrared radiation, 10-15% convection heat
Voltage 230 V / ~ 50-60 Hz
Surface temperature at the front 95° +/-5°C Max
Surface temperature behind 95° +/-5°C Max
Radiation range < 3,50 meters
Beam angle 90-100°
Heating effect just in a few minutes
Distance from the wall 40 mm
Surface 8 mm ESG safety glass
Colour Transparent glass, polished stainless steel
Protection IP 42
Including wall mounting material YES
Certificates CE, RoHs certified, according to EU safety standards
Guarantee 5 years

Warranty terms

- Infrared heat radiation
- Natural convection


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